Saturday, November 11, 2006

The London Knights vs. Oshawa General game

Aarsson To Hospital
Who else thought that check on Scott Aarsson which sent him to the hospital last night, was one of the worst calls made this year? Cal Clutterbuck of the Oshawa Generals was out to injure, and he did just that. I hope Scott is not too badly hurt, and will be back in the line-up soon. The ref called the hit from behind, which was about a foot from the boards "cross checking" What ref school did he go to?

Clutterbuck the Creep
Clutterbuck is a creep of a player, his main hockey skill is to stir it up. He starts fights, but doesn't fight back, won't drop his gloves, and therefore the other player gets the penalty. Jordan Shine got a game misconduct for going after him a bit later, after Clutterbuck injured Aarsson. The creep was just laying on the ice and did nothing, knowing full well Shine would go off. In the second period Clutterbuck takes a full side-on run at Steve Mason, while he was facing shooters, and on that injury-intended penalty, I feel he should have been ejected, but was only lightly penalized.

Hey refs...
Getting under the skin of the opposing team is a part of hockey, but when you do it to a point where you injure people, and then only light penalties are handed out, the game gets out of control.

To the two refs of this game, read and apply the rules better or hang-up the whistles! There should be no place in hockey anywhere for people who do their jobs that poorly.